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Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

If you’ve noticed that the bumps in the road feel a bit harsher or your steering has lost its smoothness, it could be an indication of issues with your steering and suspensions.

At Chinook Tires, we’re here to address these concerns with our expert steering and suspension services. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect and diagnose any problems, ensuring your vehicle’s handling is back to its optimal state. Don’t let steering and suspension issues compromise your driving experience – trust Chinook Tires to keep your ride comfortable and safe.


If you’ve noticed that your steering wheel has become increasingly difficult to turn, it’s a clear sign that something may be amiss with your steering system. At Chinook Tires, we’re dedicated to ensuring your safety and vehicle performance, which is why we meticulously examine and address any steering issues.

Our comprehensive inspection includes checking the steering shaft and column, tie rods, rack, idler arms, and Pitman arm to identify and resolve any problems. Trust us to make certain that your steering wheel operates smoothly and that your vehicle handles with precision, allowing you to enjoy a safe and effortless driving experience.


Maintaining a smooth ride is essential for both comfort and vehicle performance, and that starts with a well-maintained suspension system. At Chinook Tires, we prioritize your driving experience by ensuring your suspension is in top condition. Our thorough inspection covers essential components such as joints, bearings, coil springs, and shock absorbers to detect and address any issues. Trust us to keep your suspension working seamlessly, so you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey on the road.